Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage

Programme PA16/RO12 „Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage"

General objective of the Programme

Cultural and natural heritage for future generations safeguarded and conserved and made publicly available

Specific objectives

  • protection and valorisation of the Romanian cultural heritage

  • development of regions and cities by improving their tourist and investment attractiveness through the conservation, restoration and valorisation of cultural heritage

  • conservation and valorisation of intangible heritage with an aim to strengthening cultural identity of ethnical, social and cultural minorities, including Roma population

Programme value

The total value of the programme is €16.470.588, out of which €14.000.000 is the amount from the EEA Financial Mechanism and €2.470.588 is the co-financing from the national budget.

Donor Programme Partner – Directorate for Cultural Heritage Norway


Expected results

A. Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected

  • Buildings – historical monuments – restoration, conservation and valorisation

  • objects of cultural heritage value restored/ preserved

  • Digitised archives, catalogues, inventories and cultural heritage assets and creation of databases

  • New museums and cultural facilities created/developed

B. Local communities further developed and economically sustainable livelihoods established through the revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage

  • Strategic, integrated planning and management documents related to the cultural heritage

  • Natural heritage sites of historical and cultural importance protected or revitalised

  • Cultural intangible heritage of ethnic and cultural minorities made accessible to the public

Call for proposal:

Call for proposal for Large Projects – One call for proposals

Small Grant Scheme – One call for proposals

Fund for Bilateral relations – One call for proposals related to partnership activities


Pre-defined project - "Open Heritage: Increased public accessibility to multi-ethnic heritage values in the Astra Museum"

Project promoter: ASTRA National Museum Complex, Sibiu

Project Partner: Museum of South Trondelag (MiST), Trondheim, Norway

Total maximum eligible project cost: €3.500.054

Expected outcome: „Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected" and „Cultural heritage made accessible to the public

Project activities:

  • a new indoor museum (Museum of the Transylvanian Civilisation) and access facility to the Open Air Museum;

  • restoration and reconstruction of a Roma homestead;

  • a complex cultural animation & education program focusing on inclusion of minorities;

  • conservation of at least 2,000 objects of cultural heritage value;

  • development of a permanent indoor exhibition minorities heritage objects and assets and two temporary exhibitions, of which one in Norway;

  • documenting cultural history and exchange of experience and best practices with the Museum of South Trondelag, Trondheim, Norway.

Programme site :

Contact person: Nicoleta Cambei - communication officer

Tel/Fax: 021/222.84.79; 021/224.45.12